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Patented Product, Best Choice For Remote Fuel Consumption Monitoring.

JT606 series high precision fuel level sensor is designed for remote meticulous management on fuel consumption. It is developed by Jointech independently, combined the top sensor technology on the world, and with a innovative patented technologies. It can continuously detect liquid level with high resolution(<1mm), as well as adjust the length to fit different oil tanks on the spot, and replace the original vehicle fuel level sensor to connect the original fuel meter.

Unique Design, Leading Tendency

According to many years experience on spot installation, constant improvement, this enable JT606 has strong ability to adapt different complicated industrial and mining environment.

  • Can cut offFuel sensor could be cut off according to fuel tank size on site Avoid tolerances caused by wrong size  
  • High-precisionRecognition accuracy is less than 1mm The sensor can identify the level fluctuation of less than 1mm  
  • Simple installationPatented design simple mounting flanges Install the sensor does not need another dozen screw holes Press button for full and empty calibration on site  
  • Wide input voltage, high and circuit protection4-70V wide input voltage range, make sure that the sensor is not under the influence of the input voltage. Multi circuit protection, reverse connection protection, short circuit protection.  
  • Multi-signal outputVoltage output (0-5V), current output (4-20mA) resistance output (0-500Ω) Digital signal output: RS232,RS485 Meet the remote monitoring and control while driving the car gauge  

More Than Hardware, More Experience For Sharing

  Jointech is not only fuel level sensor manufacturer, but also provide fuel monitoring solution for oversea client many years. Jointech has accumulated rich experience on spot installation, sensor integrating, back ground processing, and the report analysis.

  • On site installation supervision
  • The device integration experience sharing
  • Fuel consumption data analysis and report output experience sharing

JT606 is widely used for different kinds of vehicles and machines on the world.

  • Logistics transportation truck  

  • Engineering machinery            

  • Generator  

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