Characteristics of Container Transportation

Container transportation is a complex transportation system, including sea, rail, and road transportation, domestic and international transportation, as well as dry cargo container and reefer container transportation.

 Container Status Monitoring & Container Cargo Transportation

Safety monitoring & Management Solutions:

Container Monitoring Solutions Bring Benefits to Customers

  • To keep informed about container location for assets dispatching

  • To keep informed about assets transportation

  • To secure assets

  •  To alarm overtime shipping, deterioration & damage of goods

  • Ensure the safety of the goods and prevent theft,replacement and damage

  • To keep informed about cargo status

  • To retroact liability

  • To improve supply-chain efficiency

  • To alert for overtime shipping goods deterioration & damage


  • JT704

  • JT706+Senser

  • JT706

  • RTCC

  • JT700

  • JT707A

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